Tech Will Save Us Electro Dough Fantasy Kit (4 years+)

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Electro Dough Fantasy Kit

Invent fantasy characters and bring them to life using circuits, illuminating LEDs and conductive dough! Following step-by-step online video tutorials, kids learn how to build electrical circuits and make energy flow so their dough characters can have personalities of their own!

Bring your ideas to life using dough, circuits & imaginative play.

Play with pop-out templates & lights.

Follow step-by-step video tutorials and explore how electricity works.

More than just play!
With the Electro Dough Fantasy kit, kids don’t only create and mold the creatures of their imagination into reality. They also develop their ability to form new ideas, their critical thinking skills, as well as gain an understanding of how electric circuits work – all through pretend and imaginary play. 

What’s in the box?
1 x Battery pack (batteries included)
2 x Connectors
4 x Pots Electro Dough
8 x Lights
4 x Pop-Sheets

What are the Electro Dough kits?

A Tech Will Save Us bestseller, Electro Dough allows you to craft fun shapes and create simple circuits to make your creations buzz and light up.

What do you learn with this kit?
Kids learn how electricity works, how to make circuits in series and parallel. They understand what conductivity and resistance are, along with developing their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

What’s the recommended age?
4 to 7-year-olds.

Does it include Dough?
Yes, the kit comes with 4 pots of our conductive dough.

Does it include batteries?
Yes, the kit comes with batteries included.